I’m sitting here at my local coffee shop, all the employees are dressed in their most festive accessories and I’m feeling real nastalgic. See, #FarmerChar sold books for a living, for 20 years or so. Life took a left turn and now it’s been 5 years since I graced the bookstore. For a long while I was good with that, life happens and you must pick yourself up and move on. However, sitting here, watching the retail dance in front of me, I miss my book family. Some days were really hard, not going to lie, I drove home crying sometimes, but I always dusted myself off and went right back to work. Why? For the money sure, it was my career, but mostly for the love of what I did. I loved helping folks find the perfect book, coaching my team to be better with lots of “LO”s” learning opportunities ☺️, baking cookies for everyone at the holidays and just trying to do my best. I love those folks, always will, and now I know just how blessed I was. Daren was right, they were the best of times.

Happy Holidays everyone and remember to be kind when you can. It makes all the difference. And to my local coffee shop, thanks for the reminder.

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