A Lesson in Fresh Eggs

When I first began raising chickens, I didn’t know much, but I knew I wanted to raise my own. Having farm fresh eggs direct from the backyard is pretty amazing and you really can’t beat the taste. The other reason I prefer to raise my own, is I know what they eat, I never worry about the quality.

Chicken Math is a thing, the struggle is real, so now I produce more eggs than we can consume. I give them to my Mom, my sisters and any friends who come over for a visit. Now I offer them to you at my Garden Stand, located on the corner of Center Street and Main Street in Three Bridges, across from the Library.

How do you know if my eggs are fresh? Place the eggs in a bowl of tepid water, if the egg floats, it is Not good. You’ll want to throw those out. If the eggs sink in the bowl of water, they Are good to eat.

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