Our New Mobile Chicken Coop

For many years now we have owned a traditional Chicken Coop. A large wooden structure with nesting boxes and a little ramp for the ladies to exit, the most common type of Chicken Coop here in the States. It has been a good coop for about a decade, but there have been challenges in owning this type of structure. We had been willing to live with these challenges up until we discovered Omlet, then we knew it was time for a change.

When we first got Chickens we really didn’t know what we were doing. I had convinced my husband to let me buy some chicks and the hunt for a Coop began. We were very focused on the cost of the Coop, so we bought the cheapest one we could find at the time to accommodate 6 hens. First of all, it wasn’t that cheap, the Coop was about $650. This cost didn’t even include a run or any kind of outdoor space for the hens.

Our obvious next project was an outdoor run, easier said then done. The first run we built was ridiculous. Looking back on it now, it’s truly amazing my first flock lasted as long as they did in this flimsy situation. Needless to say, a Racoon came along one early morning and took out my entire flock. I was devastated. Not to be deterred, we bought some more hens. This time we had a friend build us a beautiful, fortified run. Anyone keeping track of costs?

Heating and cooling the Coop was also an issue. There simply is no way to cool the Coop, so we carefully placed the Coop in one of the shadiest parts of the yard. When Winter came, we realized the Hens needed a heat source. Their water was freezing during the night and so were the Hens. Our next investment was a water heater and we also installed a heat lamp in the Coop to keep our ladies warm. The cost of this project of mine was growing.

Over the years we have spent hours on our old wooden Coop. Fixing the fence on the run, fixing the roof of the run after a storm, shoveling poop out of the structure and so on. We were always willing to do these chores because the benefits of home grown eggs are immeasurable, however there must be a better way. Turns out, there is. Meet the Eglu Cube, from Omlet, a true Chicken Owner’s dream!

My husband came across the website one night and we were totally blown away. This is the product we have been looking for! The Eglu Cube has everything a new Chicken owner could need. It has double walls, so it keeps the hens warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is an attached run, no need for construction, they have plenty of room to roam. A feeder and water container are attached and easy to access from the front door. The entire run is surrounded by an attached, reinforced apron. This safety feature keeps predators out. The best feature? Wheels! This gorgeous Coop is mobile! No lifting required, just pop the coop up on the wheels and you can push it anywhere in the yard.
Now that we have found the perfect Coop, we want to share it with the world. Get yours today by clicking on the link.  Get your Eglu Cube today!