The Biltmore

America’s Home

The largest house in America, Biltmore feels amazingly like a home. From the moment you step onto the front lawn, you have a sense of place and a time long gone by. You can almost see the carriages arriving at the front door, butlers holding open carriage doors to allow the rich and famous to enter. Dinner parties, garden parties and hours of leisure time walking the grounds, reading volumes on ancient architecture and the such. Biltmore is a place of leisure and family time spent in the grandeur of the Smokey Mountains. The home simply reflects the beauty of it’s surroundings.

George Vanderbilt paid special attention to the grounds surrounding Biltmore, bringing in the most renowned Landscape Architect of the time, Frederick Law Olmsted. Biltmore was to be Olmsted’s last private garden. The genius of place is never more apparent than at Biltmore. Secluded benches hidden on trails through the Azalea Garden, superb blooms in mosaic design fill the Walled Garden and a much needed respite at the Boathouse on the Bass pond for guests to ponder the beauty of nature. Olmsted’s genius is on full display.

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